“The knowledge that the atoms of our bodies contain elements only forged in the center of stars, and that such stars upon death blow the elements via supernova across the universe and into our very existence. We are made of stardust.” - Carl Sagan

Founder and creative director Richard ‘Gunna Gatsby’ Preval’s impactful designs effortlessly blend influences from photography, street style and art with modern graphics to establish an innovative and sophisticated take on casual wear.

 Iconic, timeless, and full of personality, every piece in the BREAKIN’ ATOMS collection tells a story. Each design all begin the same way: with a unique idea and into a high quality, made-to-fit T-shirt.

Every article of clothing is inspired by heroic historical figures and their intriguing discoveries. Every innovative invention serves to remind us that every person has to potential to impact the world, we’re all made of the same stuff- atoms. 

BREAKIN’ ATOMS proudly partners with emerging artists and established designers for collaborations and exclusive limited edition pieces. Shop our newest collection here.