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Welcome To Breakin' Atoms!
As the founder, head designer, and heart behind Breakin' Atoms, I am thrilled to open our virtual doors to supporters, both longstanding and new. Your belief in our vision has brought us into our second year, and for that, I extend a heartfelt thank you. Our journey has been a collective endeavor, steered by my creative spirit but powered by an incredible team. Each member has contributed to realizing a dream: crafting a brand that embodies both interest and inspiration. Our latest collection, "Indelible Mark," is more than a fashion statement—it's a tribute to my cousin and sister in spirit, Kimberly Prosper. Her memory continues to inspire us after her untimely passing in 2020 due to sickle cell complications. I remember sitting in the audience during her high school graduation in 2006, absorbing the valedictorian's powerful words: "This day is just a stepping stone in our life path. There is more to do, as we embark on this journey to leave an indelible mark." These words have never left me and perfectly encapsulate the essence of this new collection. Indelible Mark by Breakin' Atoms is a labor of love, infused with iconography and colors that symbolize making one's mark on society. This collection represents a narrative of endurance, crafted with motifs and hues that symbolize our societal imprint. The bow and arrows represent the tools we gather through life—simple childhood playthings that evolve into something profound. The fingerprint design signifies Breakin' Atoms' distinctiveness, embodying our philosophy of standing out through authenticity. Our existence is not merely about being; it's about striving with ambition to make our mark, to grow exponentially with each year. In these three years of business, the learning curve has been steep but immensely rewarding. The ebb and flow of people who have joined and moved on from our journey have all left their mark, and I am grateful for every lesson learned. The path to today has been paved with a myriad of roles and experiences, each one a building block to my current role. I've embraced the lessons from each job title I've held: from the fashion aisles of the Gap to the emblematic stitches of a uniform sewer, from the cashier register at Winn Dixie to the civic service for the Mayor of Miami, from the humbling tasks of a food server and room service attendant to the bustling responsibilities of an event coordinator, and from the navigational freedom of an Uber driver to the precise role of an art installer. As a project manager, social media coordinator, liquid nitrous food specialist, produce manager, product manager, marketing manager, and graphic designer, I've collected a wealth of experiences—all converging to finance and fuel my passion for fashion. My grandmother's legacy as a seamstress and designer in Haiti flows through me, and I believe it was fate that led me here. This is a shout-out to those who've been the bedrock of my journey—Kaven, who didn't just impart website design knowledge; he stood by me through trials and triumphs, teaching me the intricacies of digital creation, Natasha Luv for the brainstorming sessions, Alina Sarduy, who lent her creativity to bring our ads to life, DJ. Chanaenay, our very first model, and G.Ley, the best photographer a brand could ask for. Big Ups to my cousin Pat, Saida, Flaure, Farah, Nyda, Johnathan. Especially Pat! Your support's unreal, man. Not only is your wardrobe stacked with our gear, but you've also got the whole fam repping Breakin' Atoms too. Special thank you to Mohsin, my go-to guy overseas. From FaceTiming to pick out fabrics to those wild customs waits that have driven us both crazy. You're the real MVP, making these clothes actually happen and get made. And Mike from Nigeria, found you on Fiverr and you've been a game-changer. It's amazing how we're connecting dots from Miami all the way to Pakistan, building this global fam. To everyone who's made a purchase, you are the reason Breakin' Atoms exists. From people like Christopher Joseph to Melissa Reeves, Melissa Mathe, Kendra, Page, Paulina, Axel, Angie Lara, Eric Bobo, Christian Santana, Anthony my Godson, Bridget Frietas, Bruno Amorelli, Carlos Obando,  Eric Mitt, Van Dennis, to one of my closest friends and podcast partner Big Mello for wearing all of the clothes. Those moments go beyond my imagination. I apologize for making your support public, but I just want to say thank you sincerely. Those names coming across from the beginning will never leave my mind. This brand is a vessel for more than clothing—it's a conduit for creativity, passion, and perseverance. To every single one of you rocking Breakin' Atoms gear—you’re the heartbeat of this dream

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